TOBJ Updates & AI Vans

Just a quick note to say that I have update the AI Vans (Stock 1) mod as there was a def file missing for Poland. This issue would not be noticeable by the user, but I have updated it all the same.

The following is a list of mods that have been update for the TOBJ fix.

A. Davies – also updated the Volvo 2009 skin to work with Ohaha’s Classic Volvo mod.
AIM – Also added the MP4 and DAF E6 skins.
APC Overnight
Arr Craib РPLEASE NOTE due to game update 1.23x I have had to remove the custom wheels. Please remember to remove the wheels from any vehicles you use them on before updating the mod. 
AW Jenkinson

Update Notice & American Sweets Update

First up I wanted to make you aware that with the upcoming game update you may get errors in the logs about tobj files. What I wasn’t aware of was that the tobj editor I have been using wasn’t making them correctly. I will be removing the link to it from my page also.

The issue is nothing more than a warning and will not affect gameplay (all my skins are affected) because it is not a game crashing issue I will be updating mods as I get around to them. The good news is that the tobj update may also help compatibility for people on archaic systems using OpenGL.

The American Sweets combo has now been updated. The update includes a few skin errors on the trailer, removal of the third wheel unit information which I never noticed, and also includes the tobj update for the truck skin and shop icon.

The AI van skin that was previously removed from the AI Van skins pack has now been included in this update.