Jack Richards Update

So eventually I got around to doing a 10 month old request. Jack Richards & Son on the new Volvo. Mod updated.

For a short time I will be opening requests for both ATS and ETS2, usual rules apply.

1: No custom work, replicas of real skins only.
2: SCS trucks only, do state which cab variant.
3: High quality, close up photos required. If I can’t see it clearly, I won’t even attempt it.
4: 2 request per person. 1 for ATS and 1 for ETS2.
5: No time frames will be given.
6: Request window will close when I feel like closing it. The more requests I get the sooner it is likely to close.
7: Request can be made here, via the email, or via the facebook group.
8: I don’t guarantee I will make all requests, but I will endeavour to try.


Compatibility & Crash Fix Updates

Along side the TOBJ fix some mods have been updated to remove the now obsolete lines for front/rear wheel accessories. It is possible that this change will make the mods incompatible with game version 1.22 and older.

Several mods have been updated to fix an error that will cause a game crash.

If you are on game version 1.23x please make sure you are running the newest versions of the following mods.

Banks of England (version 2.0.2)
Big Stobart Mod (version 6.4.4)
MP Burke (version 2.2.2)
F1 Combo (version 3.0.3)
Knowles (version 4.0.2)
Yorkshire Tea (version 2.6.2)