Stobart Skin Packs Change

For those of you who don’t follow the FB Group, I am in the process of updating the Stobart skin packs. The reason for the change is purely for my benefit, as I was updating the mod tobj files, it became abundantly clear how messy the mod was. Part of this is due to the fact the mod was one of the first public mods I released way back when the game launched.

So much of the change is internal to clean things up and make it easy for me to update the mod in future. However, the mod will also be being split into three parts.

Version 10.0 of the pack will ONLY contain real Stobart truck names/fleet numbers on their appropriate trucks. The pack will include all the ESL, Energy/Biomass, and the classic skins that exist in real life, whether currently in or out of service.

Two separate packs will also exist; these will include the public custom skins people have requested (such as the Katy Perry one) and then an ‘other’ Stobart skins pack. The ‘others’ pack will include the Pink Horse, WS Transport, Pirelli and other non-standard Stobart skins. Because these two are essentially new packs, they will start from version 1 numbering.

Important: As part of the changes, some skins that were on both Scania R and Streamline will only be on one or the other and not both. Some of the custom skins (that I named) may be removed completely.

Also note that you MUST remove the old Stobart truck skin pack if you plan to switch to the new Stobart skin mod[s]. 

Version 10 is already completed and ready to go, it contains a total of 34 skins. It will be launched on the Workshop shortly after I finish this blog post. The SCS file version will not be posted on this site until all 3 packs are complete, this will minimise the impact for people using the original pack, though as mentioned some skins have been deleted. I hope to have all three of the packs completed over the weekend.

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