BSM 7.0.1 & Poll Time!

Just a quick note, within moments of releasing the BSM 7.0 I realised there was an error and uploaded 7.0.1 I was hoping that it would be a silent upload and that no one downloading from the website would notice the change. But it has come to my attention that some of you were fast enough to get the original release.

Basically I had forgotten to disable the cargo for the removed M-Sport trailer, which would lead to many log errors and potentially a game crash in some circumstances.

So please do check if you downloaded from the website, that you are on 7.0.1 and not 7.0 you can do this by looking at the info screen in the mod manager.

Poll Time.

I am curious as to which trailer you would prefer to see in the BSM in the future.

Currently we have this beautiful, but old ported trailer for the Tesco 2 trailer.


However I am thinking of replacing it with this one that uses a slightly edited SCS cool liner.


Personally I prefer the original. But if enough people like the SCS model version I may change it.

Never Say Never


So I have finally reached a point I am happy with for the latest Big Stobart Mod update, first some bad news. Two trailers have been removed.

The first to go was the Rugby trailer. This trailer was one of the first I did after the main green/white ones, unfortunately it really showed its age with the image quality. I was never really happy with it, but two years on and it just looked bad respectively so I have decided to remove it. Unfortunately finding good quality photos to use just aren’t easy to come by. So the trailer has been permanently retired from the pack.

The second to go is the M-Sport trailer, this is down to model issues and blender being a dick. I hope this trailer may return new and improved somewhere down the line, but for now I have removed it.

For the update there have been several improvements and fixes for the existing trailers and AI vehicles. All AI Stobart trucks now have the recognisable 3 white lights on the lower part of the grill.

Many of the trailers have also been updated to include the three red lights at the top centre part of the trailer. Several other fixes are also included, such as misplaced flares on the AI.

Now that the Steam Workshop fully supports zip files, the BSM will also be available there. Yeah, I know. Never say never.

2 New ATS releases

For those of you who don’t follow me on Steam Workshop, over the past week I have released two new mods to the Workshop.

The first is a Dunkin’ Donuts trailer that pulls the cargoes donuts, and Iced Beverages.

The seconds is a Sargento Cheese combo, the trailer pulls cheese and the skin is for Aradeth’s Volvo VNL.

Both mods and any future ATS skins I release will likely be workshop only.

Big Stobart Mod Update

A new update for the BSM is released.

I’m aware of the date so let me just say we Brits do not observe April Fools after mid-day and it is now 6pm. So rest assured this isn’t some BS to turn all the trailers pink (though admittedly is was tempting.)

There’s a few under the hood changes to hopefully improve performance, and three new trailer skins for the SDC trailer. Please note these skins are variants not separate trailers. The game will randomly pick which variant loads.

By request: Three JustJax images for the rear doors with appropriate number plates.