Company Replacement Mods

For a while now I have been considering deleting all my company replacement mods and changing all the company skins to stand alone trailers.

What this would mean is that companies like Woodside, McCarthy, McBurney, PC Hamilton would all change into combo packs and may, in time, be given AI combos also.

It would also mean that you could have the trailers, while using different company names/logos without having to worry about load order of mods.

Things that would change if I remove replacement mods:

Name in the job list, on the map, and in the route navigator. Both text and icons.
Billboard names/logos.
The SCS default trailers would return to SCS companies, or other companies if you use multiple company replacement mods.

Things that may improve with no company replacements:
All company replacements that also have company truck skins will turn into combo packs. Meaning you have less mods to keep track of.
Combos may also get AI traffic combos as well.

IF I remove the company replacements, I may consider making a combo pack of supermarket brands for Sellplan and Kaarfor outlets. For example a trailer pack that includes Tesco, Morrisons, and Aldi for Sellplan, and Asda, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s for Kaarfor + AI combo traffic.

Bet let’s see what the community would prefer.

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