Spiers & Waberer’s Update

Two new mods to the combo gang. Spiers & Hartwell previously had a separate company replacement and truck skin. They have now been merged into one pack as a combo and standalone trailer and includes AI.

Waberer’s, previously just a company replacement, is now a (2-sided) standalone trailer, and truck skin along with AI combo.

Both can be found on the combo page.

ETS2 1.25 Updates Released


As I expect the open beta for ETS2 to fall next week I have decided to update my mods in preparation as I expect to be having a rather busy week and may other wise not have to time to do all the site updates.

There have been many updates this time round, all standalone trailers have had to be updated to correctly function with 1.25 changes, painted AI traffic packs have needed updating, many mods now share some cargo with the SCS trailers to make them appear as options in the trailer configurator.

You will also find many truck skin mods and trailer mods have been merged together and giving AI combos also.

In all cases of AI traffic mods, I have made use of the new ai spawn ratio to limit vehicles from certain countries. For example, Stobart will be more common in the UK than Europe. However please note that at the time of this post there is an issue with spawn ratio. This is an SCS issue and not something I can control. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly.

Any trailers not listed below will be updated eventually, the reason they haven’t been added at this time is because I have plans beyond just 1.25 compatibility updates.

Reminder: When you do update these mods, remember that I have renamed some of them. Be sure to double you remove the old versions when you enable the new mods. 

Trailer Updates:

Children in Need 2014
Dicken’s Cider
Fuel Tanker Pack (new)
Holsten Pils
Red Dwarf
Big Stobart Mod
Big Malcolm Mod

Other Mods: 

AI Vans packs (SCS and Real)

Combo Packs:

A. Davies
American Sweets
AW Jenkinson
Blair International
Brooks Bros
M.P. Burke
Caffrey International
David Murray (now combo)
F1 Combo Pack
Green Group (Now combo)
Harwood Haulage
H. Essers
Banks of England
Laysoft (now combo)
RR Trans (now Combo)
HSS Hire
SBS Movers
James Irlam (now a combo)
JLR (now a combo)
Marshalls PLC (moved to Combo Page)
McBurney (now a combo)
McCarthy (now a combo)
P.C. Hamilton (now Combo)
Pollock (now a combo)
Potter Logistics
Saints (now a combo)
Thompson Plant Hire
Williams Transport
Woodside (now a combo)
Wyvern Cargo
Yorkshire Tea



ATS SCS Painted Vans Update

The ATS painted AI vans pack has been updated for the new 1.4 build. The mod is open, so if you feel they spawn too frequently please change the frequency yourself via the def>country>[State Name]>traffic file within the mod.

For those of you who use the manual install mod from this page, please be aware that the SCS file name has changed. Be sure to remove the old one when you update. (I’ve dropped the ‘IJs_’ part of the file name.

Please note: Those of you using the Steam Version will need to wait until we leave open beta before an update is posted.

A Site Update & Warning

So things have been rather quiet of late, from the mod side of things I am slowly working in the background to update older mods. My main goal is to take mods like McBurney that have two mods, one for truck skins and one for trailer and make them into a combo with AI traffic.


Now for a word of warning. When my next set of updates release some of the mods will be renamed. Some of the older mods have the prefix IJs to help people identify the author should they need to update. However since the Mod Manager came this simply isn’t required any more.

So I will be dropping the prefix from the mod name in future, so when you update, make sure you also remove the old mod from the mod folder. It also has the added advantage of making things alphabetical again which means it is easier to find, if like me, you have over 200 mods in the mod folder.