A Site Update & Warning

So things have been rather quiet of late, from the mod side of things I am slowly working in the background to update older mods. My main goal is to take mods like McBurney that have two mods, one for truck skins and one for trailer and make them into a combo with AI traffic.


Now for a word of warning. When my next set of updates release some of the mods will be renamed. Some of the older mods have the prefix IJs to help people identify the author should they need to update. However since the Mod Manager came this simply isn’t required any more.

So I will be dropping the prefix from the mod name in future, so when you update, make sure you also remove the old mod from the mod folder. It also has the added advantage of making things alphabetical again which means it is easier to find, if like me, you have over 200 mods in the mod folder.

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