Updates, Templates and New-ish things!

Somewhere along the way (very possibly in 1.25) SCS updated the DAF Euro 6 UVmap to fix a long standing bug.

As a result I have updated the templates in the template pack.

The following DAF skins have also been updated

American Sweets
Mason Bros
Stobart (custom)
Williams Transport
Yorkshire Tea

I was planning on doing a few more updates before releasing the new packs, but since I decided to rush these paintjob fixes out, I will include the latest two updates as well.

First we have an updated Lister of Halifax. Truck skin is now merged with a 2-axle standalone trailer and AI combo.

Next up is Coltons Commercials, includes the standard Coltons skin along with the three Tate & Lyle skins, standalone trailer and AI combo.

Please remember to delete the older packs when updating these mods.