Trailer Skins Pack

With the new trailer skin feature in version 1.25 I have decided to release a pack of skins purely for use with the new trailer configurator. These skins are a selection of skins from my main packs.

The purpose of this pack is twofold. On one hand those who have limited SSD/HDD space and/or don’t want huge standalone trailer mods now have the option of just using a skin pack. This is particularly useful for people on lower end systems where trailer mods and AI traffic might cause FPS drops.

Secondly it gives an extra bit of variety. My standalone trailer mods do not link to SCS cargoes as I want them to be as realistic as possible, so for those people who just want X-skin on a trailer and don’t care about cargoes can also use this mod for the additional trailer skins.

Why have skins and trailer packs then? Over time my trailer packs will all be converted to use the 2-sided trailers to allow for more accurate skinning. So they will still have their place for the fanatical guys.

What does the pack contain? Currently the pack contains just over 20 companies with a total of 35 skins. Most skins are for the Krone Profiliner, some are for the Fridge/Coolliner, and some of them are shared between all. There are also a couple of tanker skins.

Most skins will be added in time once they have been made for the SCS trailers. Some of my skins are made for the 2-sided edit I made so will need tweaking before adding to the pack. My end-goal is to have every trailer skin I have as an option in the pack.

What about Schwarzmuller trailers? I will be doing a separate pack for these trailers as well.  The Schwarzmuller trailers have a different template, so I can’t just share the other skins with them. Skins will have to be remade just for these trailers.

The download link and list of companies can be found on the Companies & Trailer mods page.