AIM, Allinson and (UK)PSG Update

First up AIM and Allinson mods have been updated, given trailers, and given AI combos. Both mods have been moved from the Truck Skins page to the Combo page.

The Allinson skin has also been updated to work with the painted intake from the Mighty Griffin DLC.

The UKSPG mod has been renamed to PSG or Postal Services Group mod. Please be aware that if you are currently using the UKPSG mod, you will need to manually remove the old mods UKPSG & UKPSG-Defunct.

For those who don’t follow my FB group, the reason for the name change is due to the fact that I have decided to add other European mailing companies to the mod now that we can limit truck/trailers to specific countries.

Please be aware that the PSG update is still on going, at the present time no new trailers have been added. However they do now include skins for the players trucks in the pack, and AI combos. This update was pushed out early to remove the warning messages in the game log caused by the now obsolete “ambient” in the mat files.

In the next update I plan to include some new companies for other countries, as well as update the pictures on the main page.

BSM Note: I am aware the ambient warning messages in the log also pertain to the BSM. My private version is already updated, however I will not be releasing the BSM update until the Workshop uploader is updated to allow 1.26 updates.

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