Malcolm Truck Skins update

So apparently I completely forgot about updating the Malcolm skins to work with the mighty griffin DLC painted grill.

So for my last update of 2016 I have updated the Malcolm truck skins mod to include the change, but I have also added a new painted grill for my painted intake mod that will be updated in the new year to work with the Streamline trucks.

Below shows my Streamline intake mod and the MG DLC intake.

IJ’s Mods signing off for 2016, enjoy the New Years celebrations and see you in 2017!


Xmas Updates

Those who follow my FB group will know I have been working on the last batch of AI combos that also involve updating Scania truck skins to work with the Mighty Griffin DLC painted intake.

Well I am happy to say I have managed to complete the last mods just in time for the holidays.

Paintjob Updates and AI Trucks

Fraser Haulage
D. Neal

These two updates do not have their own trailers as, to my knowledge, they don’t have any in real life. As such I have just linked them to stock trailers.

Paintjob Updates and AI Combos

Bradley Tranport
Mark Thompson
McLaughlan Transport
Whyte Crane Hire

Just to note all three Mark Thompsons skins have been updated as the original versions were, to be blunt, shit.

Coltons and RR Trans Updates

Just a quick note to say that Colton Commercials was updated to tweak the advanced coupling. I spotted a minor issue when using a modded truck, i’ve updated the mod so it is more accepting of badly set up mod truck 5th wheels.

RR Trans also got an update to fix the traffic spawn. Apparently I had forgotten to to the spawn ratio files before releasing the mod. So Europe was on default and UK set to 300%. Oops.

Big Stobart Mod v9.1

Big Stobart Mod v9.1 has now been released. As I mentioned previously, 9.0 was more of a release candidate and some last minute bugs were found. 9.1 servers as the final build and shouldn’t require further updates for bug purposes.

Should you update:

If using v9.0 – Yes. There were a lot of issues in v9.0 that crept in last minute.

If using v9.0.1 – Optional. The only real issue in 9.0.1 was a trailer spawn issue with the Euro Topline (ESE). This was the only error I found so updating to 9.1 is really up to you. Recommended if you want a clean log.

In theory 9.1 should be the last update for the time being. As far as I can tell, there are no more issues.

Since I am fairly confident in this build, 9.1 is also being uploaded to Steam Workshop and will be available as soon as the tool finished uploading.

Big Stobart Mod V9 & Canute

Update 7:05pm UTC: I realised that after checking the BSM mod briefly, I updated the spawn frequencies and accidentally deleted something I shouldn’t. v9.0.1 is now available.

Just to say the Canute mod has been updated to fix the unknown look name on the main model.


V9 of the Big Stobart Mod is now available to download. A few looks have been removed from AI traffic (those that had 6 now have either three or four).

A few of the spawn frequencies have also been updated.

The brick trailer has also been added for both player and AI combo.

Please note: I have not had time to properly test this mod, so if you do find issues please let me know. The Steam version will be updated in a day or two when I have had more time to test to make sure I have missed any thing.