Big Stobart Mod V9 & Canute

Update 7:05pm UTC: I realised that after checking the BSM mod briefly, I updated the spawn frequencies and accidentally deleted something I shouldn’t. v9.0.1 is now available.

Just to say the Canute mod has been updated to fix the unknown look name on the main model.


V9 of the Big Stobart Mod is now available to download. A few looks have been removed from AI traffic (those that had 6 now have either three or four).

A few of the spawn frequencies have also been updated.

The brick trailer has also been added for both player and AI combo.

Please note: I have not had time to properly test this mod, so if you do find issues please let me know. The Steam version will be updated in a day or two when I have had more time to test to make sure I have missed any thing.


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