Big Stobart Mod v9.1

Big Stobart Mod v9.1 has now been released. As I mentioned previously, 9.0 was more of a release candidate and some last minute bugs were found. 9.1 servers as the final build and shouldn’t require further updates for bug purposes.

Should you update:

If using v9.0 – Yes. There were a lot of issues in v9.0 that crept in last minute.

If using v9.0.1 – Optional. The only real issue in 9.0.1 was a trailer spawn issue with the Euro Topline (ESE). This was the only error I found so updating to 9.1 is really up to you. Recommended if you want a clean log.

In theory 9.1 should be the last update for the time being. As far as I can tell, there are no more issues.

Since I am fairly confident in this build, 9.1 is also being uploaded to Steam Workshop and will be available as soon as the tool finished uploading.

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