ETS2 Game 1.27 Updates

The following mods have all been updated ready for ETS2 Game version 1.27.

Please note: Because of the changes to the pmg format, these mods WILL NOT WORK on game version 1.26.x and older. They will crash your game if you attempt to use them on older game versions. 

Renault Premium Painted Intake
Renault Magnum Painted Intake
Scania Painted Intake (now includes Streamline)
All painted AI Vans packs.

Please note: due to the UVmapping of the SCS Streamline the painted grills on the Streamline are scaled down so the highline version fits on the template. 

The reason I have chosen to update these before ETS2 open beta officially hits is because the Steam Workshop versions are already available and it is just easier for me to put them out now.

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