ETS2 – 1.27 Updates live

As of this moment the last mod updated for 1.27 PMG version has gone live.

Please note: These mods have not had a full conversion through Blender Tools, what this means is that I will have to go over them and redo them all 1 by 1. All I have done in this case is do them with the game’s convert dump setting.

These means all my trailer and AI mods will no longer have any warnings about PMG versions being wrong. Because there were so many mods updated it is possible one or two shop items may have been missed; and I did not update the mod version numbers in most of the files. Doing so would have added another hour or two to the process.

2 thoughts on “ETS2 – 1.27 Updates live”

  1. I had to do the same with my “Chris45 Trailers Pack”, only thing is i had to leave game running with conversion dump to pickup the trailer lod pmg’s, also i missed the trailer_brace pmg’s, i take it Blender2SCS is no longer available, was a great tool for import/export of pmg files.

    1. B2scs was a slightly broken tool, particularly where newer models were concerned. It would improperly export things, and although they would work in the game, when you convert and import into Blender Tools they would be messsed up. It was a user friendly tool, but I think in the long run, mods will benefit from it being abandoned.

      Once you get used to Blender Tools, you’ll come to realise it is much better overall.

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