Big Malcolm Mod v5 Released


EDIT: Updated to 5.0.1 as of 14:30 UTC for a bug fix. 

Well it took me a bit longer than planned. But the BMM has now been updated to version 5. This version is what I always wanted the BMM to be. Not just the main livery skins but the construction skins.

It’s no secret that I am a Stobart spotter, so the BMM is a mod that often gets over looked in favour of changes to the BSM instead. This mod is now as I want it to be, and the new construction AI vehicles are some of my favourites I have made and a big thanks to that goes to Blender Tools and some random fuzzbuttian.

This mod has also been remade via blender tools so should be OpenGL compatible if it wasn’t before. Just as an additional note; I have added 3 lods to the Scania AI in hopes that it will prevent older systems lagging, there are lots of lights on the Scania (132 + stock lights) so I felt it important to add full lods and not just one lod as I normally do.

Trailers are both AI and player accessible. The Volvo 2012 will get additional updates in the future (Kelsa bars and extra lights, though not to the extent of the Scania).


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