SDC Updates

12 mods have been updated to unify the SDC models. Over time I have been editing and improving the SDC model to suit my needs, as a result several mods were using different versions of the trailer, with different UVmaps and compression sizes.

I’ve decided to switch all SDC trailers to use the latest version (used on the Stobart Explore trailer) it has the best overall optimisation so hopefully those on a weaker PC will benefit from these changes.

You will notice the one mod not listed as “updated” is the BSM this is because I am in the middle of updating it and redoing the AI trucks. While the SDC trailers have already been optimised, it is better overall if I update all the mod at once than push out an update for 5 trailers now and then another in a week or two for the trucks.

Updated Mods:

Brooks Bros
PSG & Defunct

1.28 Open Beta Updates

So with open beta comes more changes, mostly COG changes for trailers to match the ATS changes that came with the Heavy Cargo DLC.

While the mods will function just fine (with warnings in the log) I have decided to update the “offline” mods today. Be aware that all the trailer/combo mods are updated for 1.28 Open Beta and will not work on older game versions.

There are 88 mods that will be updated so I am not going to list them all here. But all mods found on the combo page and company/Trailer pages should be updated including both the Big Malcolm Mod and Big Stobart Mod.

The fuel tanker pack also gained a new trailer as part of its update.



The BSM update also includes an SDC curtain for Explore and a TYCO trailer and AI combo.


For those from my FB Group wondering where the NEW things are, I will release those after 1.28ETS goes public.