Scania Painted Intake/Grill Mod Updated

The first point to note is that the mod (both on the site and Steam Workshop) has been renamed to Scania Painted Accessories Pack.

The mod has also had an update, as well as the stock inlay with custom nodes, the pack now has a full set of painted cab options available for both 2016 Scanias.


8 thoughts on “Scania Painted Intake/Grill Mod Updated”

  1. Will you be releasing updated Eddie Stobart skins for the new 2016 Scania to include a fully painted front grill?

    I really appreciate all your mods, especially the Stobart skins and packs, they are always very professional and authentic


      1. Is it? When I have used it some of the front intake is still white and is not filled with the livery. Could you send me a link to the updated mod, much appreciated!

      1. Honestly, am not seeing any download link. Could you please like please screenshot and tell me where it is? Please.

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