Penultimate Updates

First off before I get started, I just want to warn people that my trailers that are based on SCS models may stop working when update 1.32 comes later this year. If the old trailers are removed and replaced with the newer unlicensed models as seen in the SCS live stream, then there is a high chance I will have to update them all again.

The good news is I am already taking steps to protect mods yet to be updated. For example RAJ Transport is the first mod (and all following it) that will have preventative measures in place. Unfortunately I will still have to go through older ones.

As for today’s updates:

Big Stobart Mod – bug fixes.
PC Hamilton
Potter Logistics
PSG & Defunct Packs – PSG got Chronopost and La Poste added.
RAJ Transport
Red Dwarf
RR Trans
SBS Movers

Next Update Batch

As with the previous updates, the main purpose of the updates was to update models with BT fully as well as trailer cables for patch 1.31.

Anhalt – Added def files to support MG mudflaps when using my accessory bumpers on Scania R 2016
David Fox – Fixed issue with missing front fender on AI truck.
GBA Services – This is now a full AI/player combo.
Grampian – Removed Volvo skin, added Actros 2014 skin.
Green Group
H. Essers
Holsten Pils
James Irlam
Jost Group
JR Dixon – Updated Scania 2016 skin for MG parts.
Ken Thomas
Scania Painted Accessories & MG Compatibility – Updated to fix issues with incorrectly linked front fenders.


Next updates…

Next batch of updates are complete.

Clugston – Is now a full combo with AI.
Dijco – Is now a full combo with AI.
DNeal – AI truck updated.
Elddis – AI/trailer updated
Elite Transport – AI truck added.
Elmhurst – AI/trailer updated
Emivas – AI/trailer updated you truck skin added.
Engines – Updated.
Arjan Eriks – AI/trailer updated
Etoile Routiere – AI/trailer updated
F1 Combo – AI/trailer updated
Fraser – AI updated.
Fuel Duel – AI Updated.