Penultimate Updates

First off before I get started, I just want to warn people that my trailers that are based on SCS models may stop working when update 1.32 comes later this year. If the old trailers are removed and replaced with the newer unlicensed models as seen in the SCS live stream, then there is a high chance I will have to update them all again.

The good news is I am already taking steps to protect mods yet to be updated. For example RAJ Transport is the first mod (and all following it) that will have preventative measures in place. Unfortunately I will still have to go through older ones.

As for today’s updates:

Big Stobart Mod – bug fixes.
PC Hamilton
Potter Logistics
PSG & Defunct Packs – PSG got Chronopost and La Poste added.
RAJ Transport
Red Dwarf
RR Trans
SBS Movers

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