1.32 Embargo Lifted

Now that the Embargo has lifted on 1.32, I would like to address my mod situation.

The first thing to note is that ALL trailer mods will stop working because of the cargo system change. This means that I am going to be very busy in the coming months remaking all my trailer mods. Yes, I just updated them for trailer cables and now I have to do it again. It’s as annoying for me as it is for you.

My main mods: Wychwood, Wyvern, Stobart, and Malcolm will be the first to be updated. In fact Wychwood and Wyvern and already done and waiting. Unfortunately I made the choice to link some parts of my trailers to the SCS defaults and because the old trailers have been completely removed this mean they just won’t work even if I updated the cargo system.

While I could do a fast update with a temporary patch to fix the missing textures, I feel it would be better to just start over. However this does come at a price. Some of my lesser downloaded mods might be removed completely. At this time I haven’t decided if/what will stay/go. It really depends on how fast I can update as to whether all the trailer mods stay or not.

As far as owned trailers go, I have decided NOT to support this feature for most of my mods. Wychwood, Wyvern, Stobart, and Malcolm will most likely all be supported but other mods will not.

I would also like to add that as part of these updates many of my mod trailers (eg: the TZ Rommi walking floor) will be removed and replaced with the new SCS walking floor model.

Many other mod trailers may also be removed and replaced by SCS models. I’m particularly considering removing the SDC trailers in favour of the SCS curtain with aero skirt.

With that out of the way: Here’s some very rough videos.

ATS Video: Owned Trailers Shop

Clickable Link to Youtube

ETS2 Video: Owned Trailers Shop

Clickable Link to Youtube

ETS2 Video 2: Connecting Owned Trailers

Clickable Link to Youtube

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