PSG v7 – 1.32 Update

It’s finally here, the PSG mod has been updated to 1.32. The trailer in this mod have been rebuilt from the ground up using only SCS trailers and some personal edits by me. All content is either my own or SCS now. Yay!

A few changes have been made, for example UKmail has been moved to defunct. They were purchased by DHL a while ago and have now rebranded to DHL Parcels UK and deliver under the DHL brand.

The defunct pack is now included in the main download rar file. Because of the cargo changes in 1.32 the defunct pack does not require the main pack to be installed to use it.

There’s also been some new additions all serving the Baltic areas:

2 Latvijan Post, Russian Post, Finnish Post, Omniva, and Venipak.

I figured with Baltics DLC (hopefully) coming later this year, it would be a good time to get in early. The trailers will be visible in the job market from the get go, however the AI combos obviously won’t be visible until SCS released the DLC, or if you use a map mod with those areas added.


A full list of changes and new screens of all trailers can be found on the appropriate pages.

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