Site Clean Up & Update

Clean Up

You may have noticed a lot of mods have been removed. This is completely intentional. With over 200 mods I felt it was time to have a nice clear out and make sure all mods listed were only mods that will work on version 1.32+

This also enabled me to delete a lot of old images that were out of date and just taking up server space.

What does this mean for the “removed” mods. In most cases it just means they need updating, while I can’t promise every mod will return, most of them probably will in one form or another.

This clean up will also allow me to reboot existing mods (Stobart for example) where some things have changed between the mod releasing and the game updates which have caused minor issues, without me feeling like I am neglecting all the other mods.


So what is happening with updates. As I hinted at above, I want to focus on fixing minor issues with existing 1.32 mods right now before moving onto updating older mods.

Wyvern, BSM, BMM, Davies, and Green Group all have minor issues. These trailer models were all made during closed and open beta for 1.32, unfortunately during OB SCS changed a few things that caused the trailer wheels to stick out which means the nodes need moving. BSM and BMM also have issues with incomplete models on the Walking Floors. So my goal over the next few days is to fix all the issues, add AI trailer cables to BSM and BMM since they didn’t get done last time and then I will focus on other things again.

I should point out that although this updates will be done in the next couple of days, don’t expect to see them updated any time soon. I have made the decision not to push through public updates until the Baltcis DLC update comes, since I fully expect to see it this month, it makes sense to hold off the updates until that time to avoid players having to update the same mods twice in quick succession.

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