LTS & Arjan Eriks Updated

First of I have updated Arjan Eriks to replace the old mod trailer with a trailer based on the new SCS fridges, I have also updated the truck skin to include a metallic skin. There’s also a metallic and regular owned trailer skin for use with my Custom Trailer mod.

Please note: The custom trailer mod does not currently include the Reefer trailer for the skins. It will be added within the next few days once I am confident there are no issues.

LTS Distribution/LTS Global Solutions has also been updated. A Euro 6 DAF skin has been added for the new livery and the trailer has been updated to the new SCS Curtain model and includes both new and old liveries.

Ownable versions are also available for my Custom Trailer mod.

Both mods can be found on the Combo Skins page.



Note: For those wondering why I favour my Custom Owned Trailer mod over SCS Owned Trailers it’s fairly simple. I know exactly what is new in my mod, so I can quickly update skins/accessories.

With SCS updates new things can be added at any time, and it can be a real pain. As such, for the smaller mods that aren’t as popular (like these) I will only support my own mods. For the larger mods like Malcolm and Stobart, I will look at adding more SCS support once they have finished updating and adding new trailers/parts for ownership.

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