Scania Pack Updated

Some new additions to the Scania Accessory Pack.

SCS Accent & Thor MG DLC cabin bars have a painted option now, the 2 side bars for the sideskirts now have a painted option, and the Chariot rear bumper (MG DLC) also has a painted bar option.

I’ve added the Yorkshire rose LED backboard into the mod, I previously released it solo as a Yorkshire Day gift, it is now part of this mod. If you’re using the old version please remove it.

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Anhalt Updated to 1.35

Anhalt has now been updated to 1.35 – Old cistern models have been replaced with SCS models, with reskinned tanks.

In a future update I will probably use the other tank shapes too, but for now just the one. There will be duplicates in the freight market trailer picker due to how the mod is made.