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As most of you know by now, I officially retired from public modding at the end of last year. However I made the commitment to keep my already published mods updated, this has not changed.

However how I release updates has. Steam Workshop updates will come when I am ready to release, I don’t have many mods on the Workshop and most of those will likely be unaffected by game updates for the most part.

My offline mods, hosted here, on the other hand will not be as and when I feel they are ready. Because these mods take up way more time in total, they will only be updated either during SCS Open Beta periods or once the SCS game updates go full release.

The reason for this is simple; I want to limit my release schedule and know that the time between my mods release and SCS releasing the next game update will be it’s longest period possible. There’s nothing more annoying than releasing a mod only to have closed beta start within a couple of weeks, and then knowing I have to fix XYZ. It actually kills my mood to mod, and to be completely honest I struggle to find the will these days as it is.

So for me it makes sense to slowly work on mods in the background, make changes, and then just sit on them until closed betas start – make any additional changes that are required (if any) then release them when Open Beta starts or as soon as I can there after.

Right now I have 17 mods sat in my release folder, just waiting for 1.36 closed beta to start to see if I need to update them again. I hope not, because if I do 17 will turn into 60  real fast.

Going forward it is unlikely anything new will appear, most of my modding time is spent on my Custom Trailer mod or private mods these days. But I will say this: Sometime in the new future Marshalls PLC mod will be returning to the site. 😛

One thought on “My Mod – Updates – Time Frames”

  1. Sounds like a sensible plan going forward. Nobody wants you to be a slave to this stuff and burn out because of it. I succumbed to the same stress/pressure when building mods for a train simulator some years ago.

    PS. Any chance we get some of the old McBurney content back again please? No hurry, just that I miss it in ETS2

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