Truck Parts Pack & Custom OT.

The custom owned trailer mod has had a minor update to change the brightness of the flares.

The Truck Accessory Pack (formally Scania pack) has had mutliple parts added and the flare update.

Range T Additions:

Side Air Filter: Painted.
Front Fender Chassis: Full paint.
Front Inlay: Four semi paint/plastic variants.
Front Intake Cab/Chassis: Brush Steel look for stock and painted.
Window Frame: Painted.
Side Reflector: Painted.
Side Strip: Painted.

5 thoughts on “Truck Parts Pack & Custom OT.”

  1. Was nothing changed for the NextGen ? – because I lost some of my frontgrill and it crashes
    ///[Vehicle accessory]: ‘ijs_paint.scania.r_2016.f_intk_b_cab’ /def/vehicle/truck/scania.r_2016/accessory/f_intk_b_cab/ijs_paint.sii
    Cabin accessory is missing!
    Invalid addon data (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r_2016/accessory/f_intk_b_cab/paint.sii)!
    Invalid addon data (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r_2016/accessory/f_intk_b_chs/paint.sii)! ///
    Haven’t investigated any deeper, but will do…

    1. Mine are named ijs_p and ijs_p_v8. The files listed there appear to be SCS ones. Do you use other truck addons?

      Also are you on 1.35/1.36 support for 1.34 has been removed.

  2. no, I only have yours (steamversion) as the main mod (well Eugene’s rework + ReMoled) …I played it earlier (last week) then ATS during the weekend, and when i started ETS2 late night yesterday I had this crash and parts of the frontgrill was gone, only noticed yours have been updated, but files look like previous version. Will check them again and see what happened.

  3. well, it was a human error ( me that is) I had MDModdings packages aswell which I cleaned out sometime ago, and haven’t driven that one and only rigid which had those grillparts from that packages – and I removed them as those were in yours aswell …. g_remove_missing_accessories 1 didn’t work for this so I added it back and replaced it with yours …and removed it. One should always know what one are using to prevent these kind of silly errors. 😁 , THANKS for the Updates !!!

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