Upcoming ETS2 changes

By now some of you will know that SCS pushed out a public beta update on Friday. This public beta includes a couple of changes to Volvo 2012 and Renault Magnum.

From a modding perspective these are good changes, they have made the front grill accessories. I have already made painted grills for both trucks that will be included in my Truck Accessory Pack.

Over the coming days I will be updating the Stobart Truck Skin Pack, to make the skins work with the painted grills. The Malcolm skins and JR Dixon skins are already updated.

What exactly has changed with the Volvo? Previously the SCS Volvo grills were tied to engine type. This is not longer the case. The silver and black grills are now accessories and can be selected in the shop separately from the engine. Only the FH badge will change based on engine type.

My mod will include two versions. ALT which has the black plastic bits, and full paint which is as the name describes. Left & right image respectively.


As for the Magnum that has also had a change and the inner part of the grill is also now an accessory.


The black part of the Stobart is paint and also has nodes for lights etc. This part is an accessory and will NOT require my Renault Painted Grill mod (found on main ETS2 page above). The part between the lights and the grill (with the chevrons in red) is still part of the main model. If you wish to have this painted you will require my Renault Painted Grill mod.

The new version is already available for people using the Public Beta branch. Please note there are currently two versions listed: (OLD) and (PB) if you’re on PB use PB, if you’re on main continue using (OLD). Once the game is updated to the main public branch I will removed (OLD) version of the mod completely.

Please note: I will not be updating the Truck Accessory Pack on Steam until the public game branch is updated. So you’ll have to wait a little bit for that.

Now Released.

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