WARNING: Please read and understand the blog – changes made due to FH Tuning means you will lose accessories in the future if you ignore the information in this blog.

So before we get started highlighting changes, I would just like to point out that moving forward I will be using OneDrive over GoogleDrive/Backup and Sync because of changes they made that made caused it to be less user friendly and require additional unnecessary steps just to share links. I would honestly rather pay Microsoft £3 a month for more storage than get 15gb free from Google with this stupid changes. Any issues with downloading please do let me know.

Also note that the content within rar files will also change, those of you who have file extensions visible will notice the mod file is now ZIP and not SCS. This is an intentional change, please do not extract the ZIP or you’ll make a mess of your mod folder.

General changes: In all cases Volvo skins in the packs were made 4k and have changes to support the new FH Tuning DLC.

A. Davies
A.W. Jenkinson
Colton Commercials – Rereleased.
JR Dixon
Marshalls PLC
Stobart Truck Skins (Workshop) – Includes the new (V2) Rainbow Valentina on the Scania S.
Big Malcolm Mod (Workshop) – Now includes owned Volvo2012 Construction skin.

Truck Accessory Pack (Workshop):

Volvo 2012 globetrotter boxes with hookup slot. The Volvo 2012 lightboxes have changed to allow SCS to offer stock and paint options. As such the previous boxes in my combo mods will no longer work. Please be sure to sell these from all of your trucks, in the next updates for these mods I will completely remove the old boxes.

My mod versions now use hookups. This means there is a custom painted and custom stock bar in the accessory mod, but does not have decals. The decals will remain in the specific company combo mods. This is easier for me overall when it comes to making new ones, the change might not suit everyone, in this case I advise you to learn to make your own stuff instead.

Added: Custom painted front grills. I actually started working on these before I even knew and SCS FH Tuning pack was coming. I have since tweaked them for better compatibility with the DLC.

Added: Custom engine badges. The engine size badges visible on the side of the cab now come in two flavours. Chrome and Paint. To access these you need to select an engine, then click on the node. (See image below). You can also completely remove them by clicking the X. Useful for skins like Knowles where the badge is in the way (Knowles also remove them IRL).

Added: Custom inlay bars. A full painted version, and two flat versions for the removal of the diagonal bar and logo. One with the chrome trim, one with painted trim. A painted logo is also available for the stock/painted bar.

Added: Custom front Volvo & FH/FH16 badges. Unfortunately the main Volvo badge on the SCS grills is modelled on the grill, so you won’t be able to change the Volvo logo on SCS grills. However you can do so on my painted ones. The FH/FH16 badges can be added to all. The node for these grill badges is on the engine badge accessory. Chrome and painted are available. Please note that the paint options use the base_color setting in the def file, they cannot be painted on the template or using the accessory system. This is a game limitation of addon hookups.

Note: Due to the way the engine badges I had to replace SCS engine defs with my own. This means any custom sound mods with custom sound links with no longer work, however any sound mod that just replaces SCS sounds should continue to work.

Click to embiggen the following images.

Remove the old light boxes!


My new boxes use hookups! Yes it forces you to use the truck accessory pack if you want them, do I look bothered?



How to use & find the custom badges. badges


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