Patreon and Private Requests

So I have decided to dabble with the idea of Patreon and reopening private requests. However there will be some major changes in how I deal with requests compared to how I previously did them.

As for Patreon…

The reasoning behind starting a Patreon is simply to help fund my time while working on mods. Life has a habit of getting in the way, time is a precious thing, and making a little bit of income goes a long way.

I am hoping Patreon will help fund me to be able to return to being an active modder again. As it is just keeping mods updated with SCS updates is taking too much of my time when I get absolutely nothing back. Becoming a Patron will also help me keep this blog ad free.

Before discussing what Patreon will offer, I would like to state that all my public mods will continue to be free as will any future public mod.

offering two tiers.

Tier 1 will get users access to more frequent progress posts than my FB group or here on the Blog. I endeavour to post weekly updates, but this can not be promised and of course revolves around my voluntary work as a Senior Beta Tester for SCS. You will also be able to vote on which projects I focus on each month.

Tier 2 will include all tier 1 benefits along with Beta access to (non-Steam) mods as they are completed. Download links will be posted as Patron only posts.


Private Skin Requests

I am opening up the possibility of making private requests again, however there will be some changes compared to how I used to do it.

1. All requests will be paid. (Paypal only)

Due to the amount of time it takes to make skins, the amount of free time I generally have, and the fact I will have to dedicate time to do them which may involve taking time away from other projects, requests will not be free.

2. Discussion via email first.

Do not send money to my Paypal without discussion with the expectation of your request being done. Any money sent to my Paypal without email discussion will be assumed to be a standard donation.

If you are looking for a request send me an email to with the subject heading: Private Skin Request

    i: Replicas

Give full details about what you want in the email. Include images. There are many companies with the same name, so if I don’t know which you are after, I simply can’t help you.

    ii: Customs

For custom skins then you need to be as specific as you can be about what you want. I am not going to design something for you, I simply do not have that amount of time. You need to have an idea of what you want first.

If you can make a drawing showing something all the better, even if it’s in crayon and the worse image scan in the history of image scanning, it’s still better than just words.

If you have an idea of the fonts you want used, don’t forget to tell me that too. I have over 4000 fonts, so I may have what you want. But I will not buy fonts. If I don’t have it and it’s not on Dafont then you’ll get the nearest font I can find to it.

Again give full details. An email that gives as much detail as possible, including the truck model and trailer type desired, is going to get priority over “will you make a mod for me?” with no other details. In fact the latter will probably get a straight no.

I reserve the right to deny any request at my discretion.

3. Requests will be limited.

I will not make you a fleet of trucks. Let’s get that out there from the get go.

Requests are limited to a couple of trucks and owned trailer skins to go with it.
I will not make you a mod trailer/truck.
I will primarily be accepting skins requests for SCS trucks and trailers (including DLC).
I will allow AI combos, but this will cost extra due to time consuming work in Blender.
I will accept requests for skins on my custom trailer mod. (Please note; any skin requests on the SCS box trailers will also get a version on the same style on my custom trailer mod as the templates are the same. There’s no additional charge for this).
I will not accept requests for skins on other modders trucks/trailers.
I will not make you a trailer/truck model.

4. Payment & Time

Once I agree to make a request, I will give you an estimated time that I will start the work and the expected time to completion. If you agree to the time frame you will then be added to the list of requests.

Note: The time is only an estimate, there is no guarantee I will meet the time stated. Life events can get in the way. But I will endeavour to meet the target stated or as soon as possible afterwards. I will keep you updated to any changes.

Once you are at the top of the list, I will contact you letting you know and making sure you still want me to do your skin request. At this time you will also be asked to pay. All payments will be expected up front, I will not start work on your request until payment is received. This is to help prevent wasted time.

By agreeing to pricing and sending payment you are entering a legally binding contract.

5. Pricing will be tiered.

Not all skins are equal. Some are far more complex than others. Just because I make a one for your friend at £5 doesn’t mean what you want will cost you the same.

To be clear; the price you are paying is for my time.

Pricing (this is a guide, prices may vary): 

£5 – Base price. Most skin requests will likely be in this price category.
£10 – Any skin that I feel is more complex, and thus will take more time to complete.
£20 – AI combos. Because of the amount of time working in blender takes, there will be a set price of £20 for any AI combo. (Price includes the skin cost)

6. Rights of Cancellation & Refunds

You have the right to cancel your request at any time. To do so contact me via discord or email as soon as possible.

If no work has started on your request you will be eligible for a full refund.

If work has started and I am a day or two into the request you will be refunded up to 75%. If I am at the halfway point into a request, you will only be refunded up to 50%.

Under no circumstances should a refund/dispute through PayPal be made without contacting me first. Doing so will have you black listed you from ever making a request again, I will also contact other modders to warn them about doing business with you.

7. Once my request is completed, can I share it?

Yes. Payment is simply for my time, so long as you share the mod for free and appropriate credit is included, you may share it with whomever you wish.

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