1.40 Update Plans

For those not on my Patreon I just wanted to let you know what my mod update plans will be for 1.40.

First up expect no updates through Open Beta.

1.40 is probably the biggest change to effect mods in the history of SCS games. While most mods will appear to function with no log errors, the fact is even the simplest of materials/textures not updated to new versions can affect the whole game world lighting.

This is why I previously warned modders not to run mods in beta until they were completely familiar with the new lighting and know what to look for with changes. If you don’t extensively play vanilla first, you aren’t going to know if your mods affect 1.40 or not (they 98% likely will) because of the lack of errors a modder can easily be fooled into thinking their mods are fine (they won’t be).

Unfortunately I have no doubt that most modders will not update properly and this will lead to many mods not working properly and affecting players who don’t realise their experience with the new lighting isn’t actually working at all.

Any way, since I have to go through each model in my mods to check for issues, I am going to take the time to redo the folder structures as I have mentioned previously. Once Iberia testing starts I will also work on doing my Iberia SCS Company painted vans, the plan will be to have the vans available as soon as Iberia launches.

All other mods will come down to how long it takes. The first mods I aim to update are my accessories packs and custom trailer packs. Once these are out of the way I will make my way through the Steam mods, then onto the ones hosted here. My hope is that most of the AI traffic combo mods won’t require updates as I link to SCS textures, but I already know some will.

If any mods are completed within the OB window, I will update them if SCS update the Workshop Uploader Tool. But please don’t expect any releases in this time.

Priority: ETS2 Truck Accessory Pack
ETS2 Custom Owned Trailer
ATS Truck Accessory Pack
ATS – All other work shop mods
ETS2 – All minor workshop mods
ETS2 – Renault Painted Grills Mod
ETS2 – Big Malcolm Mod
ETS2 – Big Stobart Mod
ETS2 – All other non-workshop mods in alphabetical order.

One thought on “1.40 Update Plans”

  1. Thank you I.J. On this long list of things to be changed for new lighting effects with the rollout of 1.40.
    When 1.40 arrives i shall be going back to vanilla for while as i have almost all your mods I.J. and hundreds of other mods also from other modders on my 32+ profiles. I sure can see some cursing šŸ¤¬ ahead of us, for a short while.

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