1.40 Updates

The majority of mods are updated now and available for 1.40.

Please note the PSG mod and the F1 mod are not updated yet as these will require the mod amount of work. With any luck they will be ready next week.

See below for a list of changes. Everything listed has changes for 1.40 unless specifically stated other wise.

Children in Need – Added Owned Trailer dry van skins to Custom and SCS trailers.

Club Trailer – Added Owned Trailer dry van skins to Custom and SCS trailers.
Removed from Curtain (was never meant to be on it)
Fixed skin on AI/FM trailer

Michelin – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Renault Painted Grills – Just general 1.40 tweaks


A Davies – Model optimisations
Added OT skins

AIM – Added OT skins

Allinson – Just general 1.40 tweaks

American Sweet – Added OT skins

Anhalt – Added OT fridge skins

Arr Craib – Added OT skins

ATL – Just general 1.40 tweaks

A.W. Jenkinsons – Added OT skins

Bernard Giraud – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Brooks Bros – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Caffrey International – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Colton Commercials – Fixed Multiple issues

Dijco – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Eriks – Added SCS OT skin

Etoile Routiere – Added OT skins

Fuel TankersNo changes. They work well enough, once SCS makes their own fuel tankers I will be replacing the models, so I didn’t want to work too heavily on them if there’s no major issues.

Green Group – Added OT Skins

HSS Hire – Added SCS OT trailer

JR Dixon – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Keedwell – Added OT skins

Knowles – Just general 1.40 tweaks

Lister of Halifax – Custom OT skin

LTS – Added OT skins

Mark Thompson – Added SCS OT skins

Marshalls – Changed Beacon to glass texture.
Disabled beacon lights on Mp4 and V09
Added support for Iberia Olive Tree cargo
Volvo 09 missing Textures

Nestle – Added SCS OT skins

Norfolk Line – Added OT skins

Vercesi – Added OT Skins

Verhoek – Added OT Skins

Williams-Transport – Added OT Skins

Yorkshire Tea – Added OT Skins

YPO – Added OT Skins

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