Some Updates & Charity Event

Charity Event

I’m also doing a charity event for the NHS. For those of you who were around in 2014 for my Children in Need event it will be done exactly the same way.

I will be adding a trailer skin to my IJ’s Custom Trailer mod (see below)

This event has now closed!

If you have a ATS/ETS2 VTC you may request to have its name added as well as your name, in this case please be sure to note which is your priority (name or VTC) just in case there is not enough room for both. Obviously I don’t know at this time how many people will take part, so consider space to be limited.

Any donations that do not include any information will appear on the trailer as “First Name & Last Initial” as shown by PayPal.

This event will run until Sunday (May 2nd) – Donations received will be forwarded to the NHS Charities foundation Monday morning and (hopefully) the Trailer Mod will be updated on Steam before noon.

If you have additional inqueries about the event please ask via my FB group or discord group.


Caffrey Renault T skin has been updated for compatibility with the new Evo parts.

Knowles has been updated for the SDC 4.8m trailer skin after minor template tweaks.

Unfortunately I forgot to update my SDC Burger lights in the first round of updates for 1.40. So the following mods need to be updated to fix some issues:

PSG/PSG Defunct

The Big Stobart Mod and Big Malcolm Mod will also require updating, these are still a work in progress, but will be pushed through to Steam Workshop ASAP.

The Custom Trailer Mod will also require an update, I expect to release that next week as mentioned in the event section.

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