Custom Trailer Update

The NHS Charity event is now over and we were able to raise just over £45 big thanks to everyone who donated.

First up we have the NHS skin

Everyone who donated appears on the trailer with their name and/or company/VTC. This skin is available for all the box trailers in my Custom Trailer mod.

Eventually I plan to retrofit them to the SCS trailers as well.

Next up we have the Hauling Hope skins for my Custom Trailer mod. Since they were in the same vein and the majority of people enjoyed the event I decided to make them OT skins so people could continue using them.

The final addition to the mod is a replica of the Aspock Systems EcoLED ii lights. Those with an eagle-eye may have spotted them on the NHS trailer above.

Here’s a video of them in action.

Sequential indicators > brake lights > reverse lights > positional lights.

I’ve also added two front top light slots for the dry vans by request.

Please note some other mods will need to be updated for skins to support the new painted ecoled bumpers. I’ll do that later on.

The mod is now available and updated on Steam.

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