End of An Era

Well the sun has finally set on one of my most popular mods. With Eddie Stobart’s acquisition by Culina, Eddie Stobart Logistics is no more.

This is the beginning of the end for the green trucks on British roads. Whether you loved them or hated them, one thing remains true, for the past few decades they were a well known sight on British highways, whether that was by spotters going out to see them and photograph them or haters seeing them upturned in ditches or stuck under bridges.

Over the next three years the green trucks will be phased out as they meet their work loads. I feel truly sorry for those people who were still on the truck naming list for the past 5 years or so and will sadly never get to see their chosen names on the trucks.

With the end of the real trucks, comes the end to both the Big Stobart Mod and the Stobart Truck Skin mod. I discontinued the truck skins a few days ago, the BSM got the last content update today to add owned trailer skins to my custom trailer mod and the SCS trailers.

Both mods will be kept updated to game versions as required, but no new content will ever be added to them.

Goodbye old friend, it was fun working on you in Photoshop, it was you who gave me a passion to improve my PS skills compared to the other piss easy designs out there. As a mod you will be missed.

2 thoughts on “End of An Era”

  1. this Big Sto’ package was the one that caught my eye when i started playing this game, awesome quality …skins with personality !

    Luckily the ERA can continue within the game,
    it will not be phased out for me !! 👍👍

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