Bulk Updates for 1.43

Before I get into the main reason for the update, I would like to say that some mods will be getting added to the workshop as well.

In 1.43 SCS changed some def information relating to axles on trucks and trailers for compatibilty with future features.

Presently (up to 1.42) the following lines in the def files were as follows:

liftable and/orsteerable axle: X (rear most axle)
liftable and/or steerable axle: X (middle axle)
liftable and/or steerable axle: X (front axle)

This has now been switched around so that the front axle is now at the top of the list and rear most at the bottom. While the change is minor, it does mean all trucks trailer mods using liftable and/or steerable axles need updating.

Below is a list of all my mods affected and updated.

Please note; although these changes are for 1.43 you may still update these mods on 1.42. It won’t break the game, but obviously the lift/steer axles will be in the wrong place until you do update.

A Davies
AW Jenkinson – On workshop
Bernard Giraud – On workshop
Big Malcolm Mod
Big Stobart Mod
Colton Commercials
David Murray
David Fox
Arjan Eriks
Fuel Tankers
Green Group
Harry Lawson
Custom Trailer Mod – Update not yet available.
JR Dixon – Moved exclusively to Workshop
Mark Thompson
Marshalls PLC – On workshop
Norfolk Line
PSG & Defunct – Moved exclusively to Workshop
Williams Trans

2 thoughts on “Bulk Updates for 1.43”

  1. Hi there,
    I am wondering if it is possible to commission a livery/paintjob for a fee?
    I have had a go myself but I am just not talented/skillful enough to make it look good and given that these look fantastic, I would be happy to let a pro have a go at it for me!

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