Oh Hey There

No I haven’t forgotten this place exists. Amongst working on a Patreon mod vs beta testing things just got rather busy. On the bright side I’ve been working on a mod a long time in the making, I get so distracted by other things that it keeps getting neglected.

Any way, as most people are aware by now SCS have teased the Renault T DLC tuning pack. This will likely mean some of my mod parts may become redundant. As I did with the Scania I may decide to remove a few parts to save my self work with updating the mod in future as well as to help support the DLC.

That said there will be certain parts (like the grills) that will stay regardless of what SCS may add in the DLC, purely because mine will likely have more light nodes, going by what is in the 1.44 OB version of the truck.

Once we know what parts the DLC will include I will start making choices as to what should go. But don’t worry I won’t just rip them out without warning, the first iteration of the mod will have the name edited in the def file to REMOVE ME so you’ll have an idea what will be removed completely in future. I already have a few ideas of what will be removed based on changes with the stock models in this game version.

I will likely know sooner than the rest of you, assuming testers get the DLC (we don’t test everything, contrary to popular belief) but of course I won’t be able to say publicly what gets removed until the DLC is either public, or SCS make a blog detailing all the parts.

As for 1.44 OB I am aware the rear fenders have changed and spilt into two parts (lights are not not on the fender model) and the windshield/side bar models have changed to see the window frame vertical piece moved from the side bar to the actual window frame model where it should have been all along. However I have decided not to update these parts until I know what is in the DLC, no point fixing things if I end up removing them.

Here’s hoping this blog was long enough to make up for the month and half (or more) of silence. 🤪

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