1.44 updates & Woodside Release

So for those not paying attention all of my ATS mods have been updated to make use of the new shop icon part_type UI has have the majority of my ETS2 workshop mods.

Because this feature (at least right now) is considered optional and doesn’t require an update for the mod to function, I am not pushing out updates like I normally would.

Instead I am looking at mods and seeing if they need an update for other reasons and if they do, I will update them for the shop UI thing too. I’ve chosen to update my workshop mods simply because they are the most popular and if ever the UI change becomes mandatory they are the ones that would take longest to do.

The PSG mod has had a bit of a rework for the locations of the DDS files for better compatibility with my own skins moving forward, as well as being double checked for new parts (such as Merc Tuning) where parts like the chassis cover never got painted and I’ve also improved some parts for DAF such as making the daf logo and intakes a different colour so they stand out. This change has also been done for a few other of the already updated mods.

My custom trailer and truck accessories packs will be done later. There are a lot of parts in the trailer pack beyond just skins and I would like to have those with the appropriate icons, the truck pack I am simply waiting for the Renault T DLC so I can see if/what parts I can remove from my own pack in favour of the new DLC parts.

In other news, now that 1.44 is public the Woodside haulage mod has been released and can be found on my workshop page.

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