A.W. Jenkinson

Those who follow my FB group will know that I have been working on updating AWJ for a little while now, today we finally get to release it.

This mod is now a workshop exclusive and the new update includes:

Added Scania R & S skins for Jenkinson
Added Scania R Highline skin for A&A Recycling
Added tipper skin for IJ’s Custom Tipper
Added Scania R to AI
Recoloured the green on the existing Walking Floor
Added A&A Recycling skin to SCS and IJ’s Trailer Walking Floor
Added new AJW skin for curtain on SCS and IJ’s Trailers
Added new skin for A&A curtain on SCS and 2 on IJ’s trailers
Added SylvaGrow trailer for IJ’s Trailer
Added second WF skin for AJW to IJ’s Trailer

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