Renault T DLC & Truck Accessory Pack

As I’ve already mentioned on my FB group, I made the decision to retire some of my Renault T parts from my TAP mod.

Anything not listed below will be staying.

Here’s a list of the removed content:

Side Stripe: SCS changed the model, previously this stripe that runs between the roof and door included the vertical parts of the window frame. Since a full painted version is included in the DLC I chose to retire this piece rather than fix it.

Windshield: As with above the windshield piece now includes the vertical parts, rather than remake the model I decide to make a custom plastic/paint variant that SCS didn’t include and retire the full paint version as the DLC has one of those.

Side Deflector: Since SCS now include several new side deflectors with the fake air vent/filter on the right hand side mine is no longer required.

Filter: At this time I am undecided on whether this will remain long term, for now I have chosen to keep it in the mod. My primary reason for keeping it is that I prefer my UVmapping over the SCS one and I feel it makes skinning easier.

No Badge: A few updates ago SCS changed the def system the Renault used, when this happened the side badge became optional rather than a required piece which makes my ‘no badge’ variant redundant.

Front Fender Bottom: Since SCS have added paint/plastic variants I have removed two of mine that were the same. However my 2 full painted options will stay in the mod.

Front Fender Cab: Again just a case of identical parts in the DLC. Since these parts include part of the cab model, I would rather retire mine in favour of the DLC parts.

Rear Fenders & Fender Tops: In 1.44 SCS changed the rear bumper/fenders of the Renault and split the lights from the fender model. Because of this change I decided to retire both the fenders and the tops.

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