Custom Trailer 1.45

So the custom trailer mod update has finally released and comes with several changes and new features.

First up we have the aero sideskirts for the SDC Aeroliner to go with the Aeroliner rear bumper. While I had these made for a while, I was never really happy with them so never previously released them. I’ve figured what the heck, someone may get use out of them right?

They can be accessed by selecting the aero chassis.

Next up we have the front end of the SDC Insuliner and SDC Curtain.

The Insuliner now has a flat box shaped front with a much lower cable box to better represent the real trailer.

The SDC Curtain front has also gone through some changes with it becoming an accessory with aluminium and paint options as well as a flat board variant, and as with the Insuliner the cable box has been lowered to a more accurate height.

Moving to the rear of the trailer we also have custom number plates. The plates use the addon-hookup system and are currently only available for my custom/edited rear bumpers. The SCS default models will be updated in a future build to support them.

Details and guides to use these/make your own can be found on the discussion topic on the Steam Workshop page.

Along with the custom plates comes three new light designs based on Brazilian styles. Iva, Pradolux, and Braslux Diamond. Each set is available on stock and painted bumpers, and comes in standard and sequential indicator options.

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