Additions on Patreon

Over on the Patreon side, Glendinning has had an update to include the trailer skin on Krone & Schwarzmuller, to go along with the already present SCS & my custom trailer mod.

Brooks Bros also had a bug fix update.

As for new additions, both Expect and Star Transport are now available to Patrons (both tiers) – both of these mods were paid requests. Expect includes Mercedes MP4 and Vovlo FH 2012 along with SCS & My custom trailer skins. While Star includes a Volvo FH 2012 and curtain for SCS & my custom trailer.

Brooks Bros, McBurney, and Glendinning will go public as soon as I finish the Glendinning mod, which is just waiting on me finishing the MAN E6 for AI traffic.

As for Star and Expect, they too will go public eventually once I have added AI combos and maybe some additional skins to the pack.

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