IJ’s Custom Trailer Mod

So anyone following my Patreon or FB Group will know that I am slowly working on a new G&A reefer trailer. During this modelling process I have made some changes to how rear bumpers and the lights on them work.

In the past I have gone with the SCS style of lights + bumper on the same model. But with the G&A Reefer I have decided to make them two separate accessories so you can pick the standard/paint variant of bumper than pick the lights you want separately instead of a huge list of same bumpers with different lights.

Once the G&A trailer is complete, I am going to look at retrofitting this change to ALL my bumpers in the existing trailer mod. From a player perspective you probably aren’t going to notice much difference other than the extra node in the shop.

From a skinning perspective it will cut down on the amount of lines you need in the accessory paint job file (depending on how you make your skin defs). But it will also have a huge advantage for people who want to add their own lights to my trailers as now they won’t have to worry about bumpers and extra lines for skins. Just add the suitable_for x bumper and you’re done.

I can’t say for certain when this change will take place for the main pack, with the likelihood of Texas DLC entering beta testing soon and some teased trucks coming it will really depend on my workload around my testing duties and other mods I’m working on. At the very least I plan to have the GA trailer finished before the end of the year, at this point it’s really just about adding accessories to it like side skirts etc.

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