Truck Accessory Mod Update

I’ve just pushed out an update for the Truck Accessory pack, this fixes the broken vertex paint on the filter but also adds a 3rd filter option.

The previous filter (left) was designed for the Glendinning red metallic edition paint, where the mesh was a separate colour. The new 3rd version (right) has been added to match/continue paint jobs on the mesh.

Updates and releases

Now that SCS have finally released the new MAN 2020 I have several updates going live as well.

First up we have a big update for the Truck Accessory Pack to include numerous new parts for the MAN. Part list and templates will be posted on the Steam Workshop page as soon as this post goes live.

In other news I have several paint job additions for the new MAN in the following mods:

McBurney, H Essers, Glendinning (x3), Big Malcolm Mod.

YPO also has had an update to include skins on all the MAN versions and is now a Steam mod and we also have a new addition: Handy Woman which includes a skin for the 2020 and Euro 6 models.

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