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Three Updates

Firstly; I have updated the model of the Red Bull trailer. Whoever made adjusted the model for ETS2 forgot to put the licence plate on correctly. For some reason it was near the back wheels so it didn’t appear in game. I have fixed this issue and updated the mod.

Secondly; somewhere along the way, SCS altered the Renault Magnum side skirts. I have adjusted the template and added it to the templates.rar file.

My Pollock Magnum has also been updated to fix the side-skirt change.

New Page & Woodland Logistics

First up I have added a new page called “Tools & Extras” this just contains a list of things I use to mod that may be helpful to you.

I have also updated the templates file. All templates are now my own work, saved as PNG for a much smaller file size. Also included is the Scania Streamline template for version 1.8.1s released earlier today. It’s worth noting there are very few differences with the streamline, so you can probably use the old Scania templates without issue.


Also, by request, we have a Woodland Logistics skin for the Megaspace.


Urgent Update & Malcolm Updates

First off; for anyone who downloaded my Phoebe Grace 2012 update with the lightbar last night (or before 10am UTC Thursday) please update it immediately with the latest version.

There was an error with the material file that could cause mod incompatibilities with other lightbar mods if the modders happened to make the same mistake I did. This has now been fixed, it is suggested you update the mod immediately.

Also I have updated the Malcolm trucks again, I have finally managed to find the Elan font that is used for the Malcolm logos so have updated the trucks with the correct fonts. I have also corrected a spelling error that appears on one side of the roof text, I missed this in the original release, sorry about that.

Also I have now updated the 2012 FH Malcolm to include a lightbar.


later today I will also be updating the Borje Jonnson, Mason Bros & Michael Jepsen Volvos to include the lightbars for them as well.

New Volvo Update!

As of today, SCS have released a new patch v1.7.2.1 (currently Steam only) that allows the lightbar (globetrotter sign) to be skinable on the New 2012 Volvos.

As a result I will be editing my current Volvo skins to show appropriate names where needed. I have already updated Phoebe Grace and will do the rest tomorrow.


Please be aware, the update also changed things with the truck engines in the shop, meaning it is all out of order if you are using my Volvo front grill mod. I have also updated this.

BSM V0.4 & Malcolm Truck Updates.


First up the BSM has been updated to version 0.4 – this update includes the Malcolm Group Cancer Research Charity trailer that they paid Stobart’s to pull.

This trailer is limited to Frozen Food & Yohgurts and will only deliver to/from Kaarfor/Sellplan & Stokes.




I have also updated the three Malcolm trucks for two reasons.

The first was to replace the MalcolmGroup website text so that it uses the correct font.

The second was to rename the Malcolm Contruction SCS file as I had named it the same as the Malcolm Logistics file meaning you couldn’t use both at the same time. Ooopsie.