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Welcome & Legal

All mods shown on the blog are free to download from their respective pages unless otherwise stated.

All content hosted on this website is my own work unless other wise stated.

Creative Commons License

The mods on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Usage: These mods are free to the community, you may repost them so long as:

i) Credit is given.
ii) The original Download link is used. No Exceptions.

You may edit these mods for personal use so long as:

i) Credit is given on any image/video shared.

You may share edited works so long as:

i) Credit is given.
ii) Edited works must be shared with the same CC license.
iii) No money may be made from the edited or unedited works. This includes, but is not limited to, pay per click/download file share sites like sharemods.

By continuing to use/share/download my mods you are agreeing to these terms.

This license was updated on October 7th 2018 and supersedes all legal notes in my mod files prior to this date.

Important Notice: My mods are made to be compatible with the latest updates. I will not support older versions.

Need Help?

If you have an issue with mods and need help ALWAYS include your game log. Without the log there is simply no way to know what the issue might be.


If for any reason you need to contact me directly please do so via email:

You can also contact me via this page, our Facebook Group.
Please note: Any facebook PM’s will be deleted without being read. 

You can also contact me via Discord.


Yes. Please read the following post for more info.


Yes I will take donations via Paypal

All work here is the Interlectual Property of Christopher J. Klavins (aka IJ’s Mods) and is protected under the I.P. Act.
Replicas of real liveries are used under the Creative Commons and Fair Use Licenses.
All mods are used at your own risk.