Euro Truck Simulator 2

Link to my ETS2 Mods page on Steam Workshop.

Combo Skins

Packs with truck, trailer, and AI combos.

F1 Pack

A pack of F1 inspired truck, trailer, and AI combos.

Postal Services Group

A pack of truck, trailer and AI combos based around European postal groups.

AI Vans

A pack of AI vans based on real life designs for Europe.

SCS Skinned AI Vans

A pack of AI vans based on SCS game companies.

Truck Skins

A selection of replica & Fictional Truck Skins.

Trailer Mods

Varying trailer mods from general skins, specials, and custom models.

Other Mods & Files

A collection of other mods that don’t fit into the Company or Truck skin mods.

Stobart PSD Files

A gift for the community – these PSD files are my Stobart skins for the main trucks Stobart have/do use. Feel free to use and share them as you see fit. It would be nice if credit was given when used/shared.

Download link: Google Drive

Skinning Templates

This rar file will contain all the templates required for skinning your own trucks.

IJ’s Air Fresheners & Hanging Toys

A selection of air fresheners and general hanging toys.

Download Link: Steam Workshop


Red Dwarf Flags

This mod is a set of (19) Red Dwarf themed flags for the new window flags DLC. Please note, that I made these purely for myself, but I have chosen to release them publicly. They might not be to my usual quality.

Flags include 4 variations of the Jupiter Mining logo, two versions of the Red Dwarf Logo, two Canaries themed ones, Starbug, Blue Midget, 5 H (hologram) logos, a Munchkin, and Mr Flibbles. The two not pictured are the Polymorph Acronym for Rimmer’s ‘Committee’ and “I am a Fish!” flags.

Please note: Two of the contained in this pack could be considered PG13 content do to language in the acronyms. For those not familiar with Red Dwarf, the acronyms are:
Committee for the
Liberation and
Integration of
Organisms and their



Download link: Google Drive


Yorkshire Rose Back LED

It’s Yorkshire Day (August 1st) so here, have a Yorkshire Rose LED for the back of the truck.


Download link: Google Drive

Scania Painted Accessory Pack (1.32+)

All the intakes are all in one pack and purchasable in the shop.

There are currently four versions for Scania 2012. The no lights, 3 stobart lights, V shaped lights, and custom light node options. The Scania R 2012 model also includes the custom mirrors.

This mod has been updated to include Scania 2016 stock grill with nodes and various painted options.

For Game Version 1.32.x and above only.

Templates for this mod are now included with the main template pack.
Scania 2016 templates are here: click to download

Download links: Steam Workshop Main Mod Link
Steam Workshop MG Compatibility Link
Steam Workshop SCS Paints Compatibility Link



paintgrill pack

Renault Magnum Painted Grill Mod

The Magnum mod allows the front grill to be painted. The mod was originally made by szeryff123 – However I have updated it to allow it to work on patch version 1.17+

This mod is compatible with game versions 1.31.x and newer only. 

Download Link: Google Drive


Renault Premium Mod

This mod gives you a paintable sunvisor and paintable front grill. The templates for this are included in my SCS Template Pack.

This mod is compatible with game versions 1.31.x and newer only. 

Download Link: Google Drive


No Yawn

Silence: Fed up of the annoying yawning sound? IJ’s got your back, use this to replace the yawn with golden silence.

Download Link: Google Drive

Chimes: Fed up of the annoying yawning sound, but still want an audio queue? No worries, we got a solution for that too. Lovely wind chimes instead of a tedious annoying yawn.

Download Link: Google Drive

Double Deck Trailer Update

Several people on my FB group were complaining about this mod was no longer compatible with the game as of update 1.16, I have updated the model and made it a standalone trailer.

Please note: the original model belongs to Kevin Devine, who gave permission for this version to be released. Full credits can be found in the read me.

As this is a standalone trailer, it may cancel your current job and return you to your main depot. 

This mod is now only compatible with update 1.19x and above.

Download Link: Google Drive


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