AI Vans

Painted AI-Vans

Version 7.0 – December 15th 2018

All skins are shown below under their respective country. If people wish to share images for non UK countries I’d be happy to look into adding those skins to the game.

These skins are set up to only show in the appropriate country.

For a full list of changes please see the Change Log.

Download Link: Steam Workshop


Skins Include: Austrian Post and Hermes.



Skins Include: Bpost, Brico, Checker Express, Dats24, Dry Plan (2 variants), Geonet, Handyhome, Jens, Laminaatshop, Meta Mechelen, LNB, SVS, Vdesigns, and Vlaamse Post.



Skins Include: Ceska Posta, DHL, Office Depot, PPL, DPD, G4S, Galaxy Food, Galaxy Halal Food, and WS Handicap.



Skins Include: Post Danmark, Bring, and PostNord.



Skins Include: La Poste, Chronopost (DPDGroup), Paris-Rideaux, and French DHL.



Skins include: Deutsche Post, Duetsche Maintenance Vehicle, DHL German livery, and Hermes German Livery.



Skins include: MPL Magyar Posta, and Szabo Frigo Cargo.



Skins include: Poste Italiane, SDA Express (2 variants), and DHL/youGo.



Skins Include: Luxembourg P & T, and Post Luxembourg.



Skins Include: PostNl (2 variations)



Skins Include: Bring, Posten, and DHL.



Skins include: Poczta Polska (2 variations)



Skins Include: Slovenska Posta, Goro30, and Lokapetit.



Skins Include: Bring, PostNord, and Posten AB



Skins Include: Die Post.


The United Kingdom

Skins include: ATL, Parcel Force, UPS, DHL, Hermes, TNT, Stobart Rail, Yodel, APC, DPD, Royal Mail, UKMail, City Link De-Liveried, Stobart Fleet Maintenance, A.W. Jenkinson, A.W. Jenkinson Fleet Maintenance, FedEx, Arriva, Virgin Media (3 variants), BSkyB (2 Simpsons Variants), ScotRail, NHS Blood, British Heart Foundation, DPD (new design), and U-Benders.

Box Vans: ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s.





Skins Include: UPS


22 thoughts on “AI Vans”

  1. With this mod activated on 1.19 beta. I only see vans, trucks and busses, no other cars. Can you fix it please.

      1. There’s a lot of changes to the def files for ai traffic, whether it is the vans or trailers from standalone trailer packs. Needless to say, tomorrow is going to be a very very long day.

        But at least there’s some good news. After a bit of experimentation I have figured out what SCS have done and how to get the AIVans to work properly along with the default ai traffic cars. All being well, the AIVans update will be released tomorrow with the next set of mod manager updates.

        The daft thing is i was checking the mod earlier because an SCS dev suggested they may have fixed the issue with ai traffic spawning in the wrong countries. I was so busying looking to see if i could see wrong van liveries that I completely failed to notice there were no other ai cars.

  2. Since the same Ford van is used in Jazzycat’s pack, does this pack replace/override any of the skins on the Ford vans from Jazzycat’s pack?

  3. Also, is parking disabled for the AI Vans? Some of the car parks are too small for the vans (they will clip through the barrier). I know there may be a problem with the allow_parked parameter.

    1. Working fine.

      If you’re having issues using the latest updates of the mod and game then you most likely have another mod that alters AI traffic that has not been set up correctly to use the new AI system. In these cases it will stop AI traffic from working expect for their own mods.

    1. We don’t really get much call for Brazilian companies for an EU based game, but if you have some images of Brazilian company vans to copy from, I could always do a custom pack in the future.

  4. when these Van mods are activated, they are seen parked everywhere, is there any easy solution for this issue? For example, the UPS van – 15 were parked at Lidl in one city, if I remove that one another one appears instead

    1. Someone else had a similar issue caused by another AI mod that was set up incorrectly. In testing, I rarely see more than 1 in the same car park. When it comes to the UPS specifically I rarely see one in a whole city.

      Short of adding “allow_parked: false” to every ai def file, there’s not much that can be done about it without knowing what the cause is.

  5. Is there a way to merge all the AI vans into one file? Meaning the stock SCS companies and the Painted AI vans to be as one file?

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