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On this page you will find any combo packs (truck and trailer skins) that I choose to release. All trailers included in combo packs will be stand alone and will NOT replace any in game companies.

Please check the blog post to see what mods are updated for the latest public game versions. When unsure check the version file in the rar folder. This will always contain the version number the mod was released for.

A. Davies

The pack includes a DAF E6 and Volvo 2009 skin and a curtain side trailer.

Download link: Google Drive

davj dav2


A.I.M Logistics

DAF and DAF E6 Superspace, and Mercedes Actros Streamspace.

Also includes a trailer and AI combo.

Download link: Google Drive


A. W. Jenkinson

This combo includes a walking floor trailer, skins for Volvo 2009, Volvo 2012/13, Scania Streamline Highline, and Scania R Topline. There’s also a EUROFOREST skin for the Topline by request.

Download link: Google Drive


jenks1 jenkss jenkvol jenkeuro




A George Allinson Transport skin for Scania Topline, an SDC trailer skin, and AI combo.

The Scania skin has also been updated to work with the Mighty Griffin painted intake.

Download link: Google Drive



American Sweets

An American Sweets combo.

This skin is an IJ’s Mods exclusive work made for

The pack includes a DAF E6 skin, an edited SCS 2 axle trailer, and the AI Ford van.

Download link: Google Drive




Anhalt Logistics

An Anhalt Logistics combo with Scania 2016 skin, three trailer skins and an AI combo.

Download link: Google Drive

ARR Craib

An ARR CRAIB design on the Volvo 2012, standalone trailer and AI combo.

Download Link: Google Drive




Three ATL skins for the DAF 105 and Euro6, and the new Mercedes MPIV

A skin for the SDC trailer and including a DAF XF 105/Trailer AI combo.

Download Link: Google Drive





BANKS of England

This was originally a custom request for a VTC based on the truck livery from the BBC TV Show. Since the VTC closed long ago I have decided to release it publicly.

Renault Premium High-Roof and Jumbo trailer

Credits for the trailer model go to TZ Express.

Download link: Google Drive

banks boe

Bernard Giraud

This pack includes a DAF skin, trailer skin, and AI combo.

DAF skin is compatible with DAF Tuning DLC

Download link: Google Drive


Caffrey International

The mod includes a Mercedes (medium size) Actros MP4 skin and a trailer.

Also appears in AI traffic.

Download Link: Google Drive


Arjan Eriks

The mod includes an Arjan Eriks skin, a trailer, and AI combo traffic.

Download Link: Google Drive


Etoile Routiere

The mod includes a Scania Highlight (Streamline) skin, trailer and AI combo.

Download Link: Google Drive


The Green Group

A replica of the Green group includes three skins for the Mercedes Actros (MP4), a standalone trailer, and AI traffic.

Download Link: Google Drive



Nestlé Pack

This pack contains four Nestlé trailers, an Actros skin and AI traffic.

Tanker Model is TZ Rommi

Download LinkGoogle Drive



Norfolk Line

A Norfolk line combo by request.

Includes trailers and DAF and is in AI.

Download Link: Google Drive




Two replica skins of Vercesi for DAF XF 105

Includes a standalone trailer and AI combo.

Download Link: Google Drive


A replica of Verhoek for Mercedes Actros.

Includes a standalone trailer and AI combo.

Download Link: Google Drive



Wychwood Brewery

This mod contains 21 standalone trailers based on drinks from Wychwood Brewery.

The trailers pull their own custom cargoes, which is also available to SCS trailers.

Also included is a Marston’s skin for Renault Premium, Scania R 2016,  and AI combo traffic.

Download link: Steam Workshop Exclusive

Please Note: Thanks to scummy pirates ignoring the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License all my mods come with, and attempting to make money from my work, this mod will no longer receive public updates via this site.

Version 4 (1.32) will be the last version.


Wyvern Cargo

Two Wyvern Cargo replica skins for Scania R Topline (Poole & Kettering)
A Skin for Scania S Normal Roof (Wellington)

2 Skins for both freightmarket and Owned Trailers. Standard Wyvern Cargo and 40yrs Special skin.

As of version 4, this mod is Workshop Exclusive.

Download Link: Steam Workshop

Yorkshire Tea

A Yorkshire Tea custom skin for the DAF Euro 6 and 2 two-axle trailers.

There are four skin variants for the grill.

Download link: Google Drive





A Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation skin for MAN TGX and a 2-axle trailer.

Download link: Google Drive



37 thoughts on “Combo Skins”

  1. Hi, amazing work that i have seen on your site. I was wondering if you could possibly make a Tuffenels Daf combo please? images can be found on Google images. Also maybe supermarkets and shops like tesco morrisons aldi and argos? ECT. thanks!

    1. I will be updating the mod soon to account for the change with Ohaha’s 2009/classic mod. I may consider adding the walking floor trailer as a combo at that time, I make no promises though.

  2. I’d like to see a Blair International Volvo or Daf with a trailer. Some guy has already made a nice combo but he’s charging for it under the guise of “donation ware” I’m sure you could skin a much better one anyway 🙂

  3. Hi there! Love the skins, they look great. I am currently doing work experience at a company called Bacton Transport, based in Suffolk and would love to see a truck skinned up in the Bacton Transport livery, whether it be a truck only, or a combo skin. They tend to have Mercedes Benz Actros, and DAF XF Euro 6 trucks. It would be amazing! As are the other skins which you have already made 🙂

  4. Hi, you’ve already made a McBurneys Company mod and a few McBurney truck skins. Is it possible you could combine the trailer skin in the company mod with a few of the Truck skins to make an ai combo pack? I tried a few times but failed dismally. Could you also make a refrigerated trailer skin as well for the combo pack? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello!
    Please correct the errors:A.I.M Logistics – With AI
    00:01:37.882 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/ijs_ai/aim/daf105/truck.pmd’
    00:01:37.883 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/ijs_ai/aim/daf105/truck_lod.pmd’

  6. Although these mods are great. Why do some of the combo mods do not seem to work.I seem to get trailer part of mod but not truck part even they are together in download.

    1. The trailers aren’t able to spawn on their own. If you’re seeing a trailer with out a truck then it’s not a combo.

      If you’re sure it’s supposed to be a combo that you’ll have to tell me at least one of the mods names.

  7. Would love to see some more Grampian Continental stuff such as their dafs and Mercedes perhaps some D.R MacLeod From Stornoway skins etc more Scottish hauliers

  8. I love the Allinson combo I’ve had it for years since it was just a skin!

    I have a request – in fact I beg of you – please update the Allinson truck skin to be compatible with the 8×4 chassis (with toolbox) that comes with the heavy haul DLC.

    I’m not bothered about whether that company has IRL heavy haulage capability or not (in fact they have 2x heavy haul trucks iirc)….

    I just want to be able to use my favorite skin with the 8×4 heavy-haul chassis 🙂

    Pretty please?

  9. is it possible in the next update to make the rear wheel axles on the Scania in the Etoile Routiere Combo plastic color like a black or grey or somthing like the other scania combo

  10. For the McBurney pack, please add a trailer like the Potter one because I have seen one that is like that in real life

  11. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂
    I have just downloaded Marshalls Combo Mod. Truck skin is ok.
    (Sorry for being stupid) How do I get the trailer with the skin please?

  12. Update…. I found out in the description about FCP is now Marshall, but when I went go to Site and look for job… None of the skins ( using cog wheel icon ) have the Marshall skin or the trailer with the crane etc.


  14. Arr Craib blocks trailer cables for some reason, have tried the mod on it’s own minus all other mods and the issue still arises

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