F1 Combo Pack

F1 Combo Pack – With AI

Version 8.1

The F1 Combo Pack includes truck skins, trailers, and AI combos.

In all cases the cargoes are; Pit Crew Equipment, Pirelli Tyres, and Racing Cars.

Updated: 30th June 2021
Download Link:



A Ferrari F1 trailer and Iveco skin.



A Lotus Renault F1 trailer and Magnum skin.



A Mercedes F1 trailer and Mercedes MP4 skin.



A (Stobart) Pirelli F1 trailer and Scania R Topline skin.


Red Bull

Two Red Bull Renault F1 trailers and Magnum skin.



Toro Rosso

A Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 trailer and MAN skin.



A Williams F1 trailer and Mercedes MP4 skin.


5 thoughts on “F1 Combo Pack”

    1. Eventually Mr Lamb.

      There will be no more releases of MP4 skins until 1.18 is final as it is expected the UVMap might be altered between now and then. A Stobart skin will come eventually, but it is low down the list.

  1. Is there a way to make sure the appropriate truck pulls the correct trailer as i see the trailers in ai traffic but not with the right truck, there isnt an equivilant to “traffic_storage_truck.ijs_stai.sii” which i assume pairs up the stobart truckks and trailers. Also they dont seem to show up in job list even on clean profile.
    Thanks for all your great mods and hope you can help.

  2. When I installed this mod and activated it, I dont see it in the job list and the shops. Anyone help me?

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